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We are excited to now offer scholarship opportunities to our pre-licensed members!

There are two scholarship funds available to chapter pre-license members. Three awards will be made annually of $250 each. There is a small application form and essay requirement and recipients will provide chapter service as part of the award.

For further information, visit the scholarship page:


President's Message:

I hope this message finds you well and feeling excited about 2018! As your new San Diego CAMFT President, I am excited to bring you continued evolvement and growth for our profession on a local level. Kiefer Rich, LMFT has done an amazing job over the years to increase our relevance as MFT's and collaborate with a variety of professionals. I'm thrilled to be carrying on these important ventures and will also be focusing on reducing stigma of mental health services, crisis response, and the use of technology. We look forward to helping your business grow and prosper. We strive to address your needs by offering educational and social events throughout the year. We work closely with other mental health professionals and community partners to bring variety to the table!

With the recent wildfires and now mudslides that have impacted our fellow colleagues and families in the north, we are at an even greater need to train, assess, and be available to the mental health needs that follow. If you read Bob Casanova, LMFT, President of CAMFT's message in The Therapist you learned that our very own mental health workers were asked to leave the area when the Red Cross arrived. I hope you feel a sense of urgency as I do to be active in the process of supporting our communities to heal and rebuild. 

If you are a therapist or other helping professional, join us! We strive to be a community that informs, advocates, and empowers our members in being respected and successful. We still have open Board positions and invite you to help make us a stronger team! See our Board page for more info.

Wishing you wellness,

Angie Colter, LMFT, MT-BC
SD-CAMFT President

Please check our website regularly for event updates.

Members, please post questions, as well as share information (such as recent research, articles, podcasts, etc.) on our forum. Be active in our community, which is for you, to support you, support your practice, and support your clients.

Volunteer opportunities

Join the San Diego CAMFT Board! Or helps us with our events, let us know if you want to help out!The perks to volunteering with SD-CAMFT include networking, promoting the field of Marriage and Family Therapy, being well informed of all things that effect MFTs, and feeling good about your contribution to wellness in our community.

Community CE Opportunities

SD-CAMFT partners with various agencies in the community to offer you discounts to community events. Check out our News page for more info!


The purpose of the organization shall be to call together and support members of our profession in southern San Diego County and to support the objectives and purpose of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. 


Recent Events
Holiday Membership Appreciation

Thank you to all our active members who joined us for a night out at The Madison for some appetizers, drinks, and social networking. We had a great turn out of pre-licensed and licensed members who were able to converse and network with one another. We appreciate you and your continued support for SD CAMFT! We have an amazing calendar planned for 2019, stay tuned! Thank you!


Law & Ethics

Thank you to all of our members who attended our law and ethics event. We look forward to this event every year. Dave Jensen gave great pointers on how to make your paperwork your own while watching out for issues!  This event is always a good refresher where you can get your questions answered, network, and leave with lot's of CEU's!! 

Seeking Safety 

We had the pleasure of hosting a Seeking Safety training event at the Lafayette Hotel. Martha Schmitz, PhD, from Training Innovations provided education about PTSD and Substance Abuse and how this treatment model can provide concrete coping skills for the populations we work with. This CE event was such a huge success that we may even consider doing it again next year! Thanks again to Alvarado Parkway Institute for sponsoring this event.
Membership Appreciation Summer Beach Party!

We had such a great time getting to know our members today on a beautiful sunny day in San Diego. La Jolla Shores was not too packed, but very peaceful and relaxing. Thank you to our members who joined us at the beach with snacks and games, to win raffles, and catch up and network! Hope to see you again soon!! 

Building Your Mental Health Private Practice!

Last Friday, we had such a great event in collaboration with Converge Research Group! The event focused on everything from protecting your license, business incorporation, building your practice, paperwork, marketing, and the power of your story! Thank  you to everyone who was involved with this collaboration. 

Prelicensed Exam Prep Event

On Wednesday evening, we hosted our first virtual event with Therapist Development Center.  Robin and Asya presented to associates and trainees about the exam process from start to finish.  Prelicensed individuals were able to learn more about requirements for taking the exam and learned some tips on preparing your packet to the BBS.  


Tech Addiction

Last weekend, Dr. Sean O’Hara presented to parents, teens, and SD-CAMFT members on the important topic of Tech Addiction. He reviewed that not only is it a behavioral addiction, it’s also a social addiction. Our brain development as a result of screen use changes and we are seeing very early on how babies brains are growing due to the increase in neuroplasticity. We’ve become numb to all the likes and reactions which induces stronger associations and an increase in cravings. For resources and to read more click here.

2018 State of CAMFT 

  On Monday, April 16th, we hosted our long awaited 2018 State of CAMFT with our new Executive Director Nabil El-Ghoroury, PhD, CAE at The Rose.  Nabil discussed current legislations, misconceptions of scope of practice for MFTs, CAMFT resources, and other issues such as license portability and telehealth.  Read more here...

Member Happy Hour! 

We had a great evening networking with fellow colleagues last week! There was a mix of licensed and prelicensed professionals who shared current interests, needs, job offerings, and resources. We enjoy getting to know our members and can't wait to see the rest of you soon at our upcoming events!!


A night filled with social networking, delicious food, and raffle prizes. Members enjoyed themselves with one another, exchanging business cards, resources, laughs, and went home with a goody bag filled with self-care items. Thank you again to all of our SD CAMFT members for your ongoing support to our chapter, and our events. Stay Tuned to more exciting events in 2018!


Now, generations no nothing but growing up with technology. 90% of American Youth play video games. Some individuals check their phones 160times a day. In the UK, Facebook is responsible for 1 out of 3 divorces, in US, 1 out of 4. As a result we are seeing higher prevalence of personality disorders, impulse control disorders which meet addiction criteria, anxiety disorders and affective disorders. The symptomatology increases when the client is not allowed to be online which can result in an increased use of substance use or risk for violence. Health problems related to sedentary behaviors include diabetes, obesity, vision problems, carpel tunnel, and even pressure sores. FOMO (fear of missing out) is also seen which then starts to look and present like OCD and sometimes OCPD. Read more here.


YOU ARE A CREATOR! This last weekend, Dave Jensen, JD CAMFT Staff Attorney shared his expertise in our role as therapists in building and maintaining our character and credibility. When it really counts will you be believed? Are you maintaining and managing an honest practice? If you hesitate in answering this question, read more here.


This week Prelicensed members had an amazing event with Robin Andersen, LMFT, and president of North County CAMFT. Robin reviewed her company Prelicensed which supports MFT Interns to connect with a community and most importantly find PAID internship positions! Read more here

Somatic Experiencing

Last night members learned that trauma is not in the event but in the nervous system at Bernadette Talia’s Somatic Experiencing event. The top down approach of traditional therapy doesn’t always resolve the underlying issue clients are coping with. It may support their coping skills however the body and it’s physical response to stressful events we experience also needs to be expressed. Read more here


On Saturday, May 13th, Hannah's House, Jewish Family Services & SD-CAMFT presented SCREENAGERS to a group of professionals and parents! We had over 60 people sign up for the afternoon session and many questions about how to address screen addiction in our youth, families, schools, and communities. Read more here.

Spring Social: Cupcakes and Conversations

On Tuesday, April 25th, we had our first social networking event at Babycakes on 5th Avenue in Hillcrest.  Great connections and conversations were made while enjoying delicious food and drinks.  Keep an eye out for more social events this year!  Click here for more information.

Trauma and the Body

This week members engaged in learning about the physiological responses of the client and the therapist. Diana Guest, LMFT expert in trauma and bioenergetics reviewed the importance of our physical responses to stress and trauma which allows us to survive some of the most difficult circumstances. Our bodies have not only the freeze, fight, flee responses, we also...read more here

Using Positive Discipline for Parent Coaching

Last night members got a great introduction and amazing resources from Davida Price, LMFT for Positive Discipline. Originally, Positive Discipline was developed by Lynn Lott and Jane Nelson in 1990. The five criteria for Positive Discipline are: 1. Helps children feel a sense of connection 2. Is mutually respectful and encouraging 3. Is effective-long term 4. Teaches important social and life skills 5. Invites children to discover how capable they are. Read more here

Opioid Overdose Prevention & Education 

In 2010/2011 we saw a large increase in opioid use. Stats from 2014 state that 91 Americans die everyday from an opioid overdose (includes prescription opioids and heroin). This surpasses the accidental deaths caused by car accidents. Now it’s 2017, paramedics and police officers are now carrying Naloxone/Narcan to save lives. As an MFT, you need to be aware of what should be in your first aid kit, especially if you work in treatment centers for addiction. Read more here


State of CAMFT! 

Last night we had an outstanding, FREE event with Jill Epstein, Executive Director, JD of CAMFT. Did you know that you can advocate for your own rate with insurance companies? Stay tuned to CAMFT's webinar on this. The veteran's choice program may be going away and CAMFT is advocating that it stays. This allows veterans to choose their own provider if their normal provider is unavailable to see them, reducing emergency room and urgent care demands. Did you know...read more here

Save a Life Walk!

Over the weekend SD-CAMFT supported San Diego Save a Life Walk promoting Suicide Prevention! Several professionals, businesses, organizations, and individuals joined together to increase education & awareness. 

Therapist Attorney Luncheon: Gender and Race Bias

Commissioner Darlene White & Dr. Lori A. Love presented on Gender/Race Bias in the Court System: Everybody has a bias and it's ok. We have preferences to things that are familiar to us and we sometimes try to simplify our complex world. As therapists we have to acknowledging that we have it…read more here

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The purpose of the organization shall be to call together and support members of our profession in southern San Diego County and to support the objectives and purpose of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

Copyright © 2014, CAMFT San Diego Chapter. All rights reserved. Professional Organization existing to serve local Marriage and Family Therapists and other mental health professionals in the San Diego County Area. P.O.Box 880843, San Diego, CA 92168-0843

Copyright © 2014, CAMFT San Diego Chapter. All rights reserved. Professional Organization existing to serve local Marriage and Family Therapists and other mental health professionals in the San Diego County Area. P.O.Box 880843, San Diego, CA 92168-0843
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